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Winter in Style: The Puffer Jacket Essentials from The Leather Fashion

Feb 20, 2024 / TLF Admin

Winter in Style: The Puffer Jacket Essentials from The Leather Fashion

Winter in Style: The Puffer Jacket Essentials from The Leather Fashion


Along with the whirly winds of winter, one kind of apparel gets most appreciated for its confounding features of comfort and appeal — that’s the puffer jacket. The leather fashion at the Leather Fashion recognizes that keeping warm is equally important as style, which is often compromised when dressing up in a metropolitan city like Chicago. Of course, that's why we have made available the most exquisite options of cozy and chic puffer jackets to keep your style on point even when snowing.

The Signature Quilted Design:

Puffer jackets, or quilted jackets, as they are also known, are famous for their standout design of quilted patterns. There are sections in between the stitching which are designed to create a 'puffy' appearance and these jackets provide a fashionable yet practical way to keep the winter chills at bay. The quilted design aside from the visual appeal, also helps in the uniform distribution of insulation which helps to keep the warmth level at maximum.

Innovative Insulation:

At The Leather Fashion, we know that the most important thing in the real fight against cold is the quality insulation. For this reason, our puffers are equipped with premium down insulation or synthetic fibers, both of them doing incredibly well in terms of providing warmth but leaving no space. Be it the delicacy of down or the ethical features of synthetic insulation, our wide range of products includes something for everyone.

Fashion Meets Functionality:

Now fashion is evolving such that warmth no longer compromises stylishness. We ensure that the picked Puffer jackets have cuts and silhouettes that will meet everyone’s demands and fashion hype. Ranging from versatile city walks to packable outfits for traveling, our winter wear covers the trendiest styles that are sure to compliment your wardrobe. What's more, different colors and finishes give you the freedom to choose the option that reflects your singular self while keeping you cozy and trendy at the same time.

Tested for Performance:

At The Leather Fashion, we are proud to provide only top-class merchandise. However, that is why our puffer jackets are tested in the laboratory to verify they are of our standards of performance and durability. We've tried them on in a multitude of locales, from city streets to mountains, pushing them to the limit to verify true winter performance.

Expert Recommendations:

In a climate full of choices, it can be challenging to find the best one for puffer jackets. That is why we need our expertise. Our team has worked hard by going through and experimenting with several puffer jackets and identifying the most suitable ones. Whether you're ascending the chilling Chicago cold or going on an amazing winter game, our recommended assortment will leave you better off.

Columbia Puffect II Quilted Shell Puffer Jacket

Columbia Puffect II Quilted Shell Puffer Jacket

Presenting the latest Columbia Puffect II Quilted Shell Puffer Jacket which is a super sleek and stylish jacket designed especially for the season and it is available at The Leather Fashion. The jacket, which is designed to perfection and with some innovation, is a combination of exceptional warmth and up-to-date fashion and style.

The Columbia Puffect II jacket with a quilted shell holds a sleek black polyester 100% fabric that packs both durability and modern style. Its two front zipped pockets are perfect for storing your important stuff when you're out and about, and the elasticated cuffs guarantee snug and coziness, leaving the cold out and warm in.

Feel at ease in the bitter cold of winter knowing that you are shielded by the Thermarator™ insulation that keeps you warm. Ready to snuggle, fully lined, this jacket is designed with you in mind. It will keep you pleasantly warm even in very cold weather. No matter whether you are walking city streets or going snowshoeing, the Columbia Puffect II exactly covers your needs.

Pairing practicality with fashion sense, the Columbia Puffect II Quilted Shell Puffer Jacket catches the eye. Its machine washable make and easy maintenance provide a way to keep your jacket looking new up to the end of any season. If it's professional attire you want for a city stroll or it's winter sports you would like to enjoy, this versatile jacket is guaranteed to be a part of your winter wardrobe.

Let the Puffect II Quilted Shell Puffer Jacket by Columbia keep you warm on all of your adventures, and experience the style and comfort today at The Leather Fashion.

Barbour International Men's Bobber Quilt Jacket - Black

Barbour International Men's Bobber Quilt Jacket - Black

Trend up your outdoor styling with Barbour International Men's Bobber Quilt Jacket in classic black, available at theleatherfashion.com. Taking inspiration from the legendary world of motorbike clothing, Barbour International offers the Classic Bobber Jacket; a multipurpose and tough jacket ideal for modern riders and travelers.

The jacket is created from an upscale nylon ripstop shell that is both durable and stylish. It will be your best mate when it comes to outdoor adventures. The overall look of the slim black jacket hints at elegance, while the adjustable hood and the cuffs which gathered at the wrist, give a comfortable feeling that you can wear it in any weather conditions. Cultivate Barbour International heritage with its logo patch and terse lettering sewn up to the placket. The concentration on detail is everywhere in this garment as can be well noticed from the sleek cut to the elasticated trims that make sure a form-fitting and tight look.

Withstands the cold and weather with the Barbour International Quilt Jacket For Men. You will find side welt pockets offering plenty of room for your necessities, and quick care and machine washable design for easy maintenance keeping your jacket looking sharp. The Legacy Bobber jacket is a symbol of style and functionality regardless if you are exploring the wilderness or moving around the city streets. Combine it with your go-to denim and boots to obtain a mixture of rough and classy appearance that can be in either day or night.

At Leather Fashion, it's our goal to provide you with the best selection of outerwear that skillfully combines quality craftsmanship with classic designs. Spice up life with the vibrant style of the Barbour International Men's Bobber Quilt Jacket. Let the adventurous life guide you to wherever your journey may lead.

Rains Boxy Puffer Shell Jacket

Rains Boxy Puffer Shell Jacket

Check out the Rains Boxy Puffer Shell Jacket, a new, trendsetting piece of clothing that is available now at The Leather Fashion. The rains, which are known for their outerwear, also bring a new and bold look to the oversized puffer jacket that will surely catch the eyes wherever you go. Hand-made in mind, the Rains Box Puffer Jacket has drop shoulders and an extravagant collar that attracts the eye. Its wind and waterproof shell, made of water-resistant polyurethane coating, ensures warmth and protection on bad weather days during the winter season.

Aspire for the urban trendy look, with the sleek black body and designer patch in rubber, which adds a touch of modernity to your wardrobe for this winter. The two side pockets serve very conveniently for your essentials suitability and nylon lining ensures comfort and durability. The Rains Boxy Puffer Shell Jacket is tailored to meet the needs of the modern urbanite; it does this by delivering the perfect mix of style and functionality. Its easily maintained construction feature makes it simple to clean anywhere you will give you benefit from the long life of this jacket.

Get the 2023 winter fashion season started by your wardrobe with the Rains Boxy Puffer Shell Jacket from The Leather Fashion. Whether you're negotiating busy city streets or engaging in outdoor activities, this unforgettable piece will catch some attention and shelter you while you enjoy the rainy season. Express the combination of trend and usefulness in the Rains brand.

Elliot Grey Lightweight Jacket

Elliot Grey Lightweight Jacket

Allow us to present the Elliot Grey Lightweight Jacket, a winning combination of fashion, resilience, and functionality, it is now offered at The Leather Fashion. Taking into account the accuracy and meticulousness, I can reassure you that this coat can protect skillfully and stylishly in all weather circumstances. The Elliot jacket’s outer shell is 150 gsm woven-grade nylon, highly resilient, and the same grade of fabric that’s traditionally used by the military. Namely, the rain-resistant construction makes you dry and comfortable, and no-to-allergens dyes as well as chemicals used upon its making give you the confidence of knowing that whatever allergens come in contact with your skin, they are safe.

Constructed of an inner shell from 80%-Polyester and 20%-Nylon fabric, the Elliot jacket has a DWR finish (stands for Durable Water Repellent) layer, which effectuates a defensive mechanism against moisture and elements. The use of dyes and chemicals that can prevent the development of any kind of skin problems guarantees an amazingly comfortable experience for the wearer. Along with the Thermocore® insulation, offering 100gsm for optimum heat retention in the body, we make sure to keep you warm and comfortable wherever you are. The jacket's outdoor-focused design has a rear zipper pocket for your valuables, zipper hand pockets on the front, and two open chest pockets for small items - plus two mesh pockets inside.

The Elliot Grey Lightweight Jacket is designed to include a zipper closure and ensures free hem cuffs to fit beautifully. The sleek gray color comes with a good sense of fashion being sophisticated for your outfit, giving you a good reason for owning it in your wardrobe. Discover the graceful pair of style and functionality from our Elliot Grey Light Jacket by The Leather Fashion House. Be it city streets or nature expeditions, this jacket is a perfect fit for different seasons and would be sure to become your darling favorite piece for seasons to come.

Men's Premium Blue Puffer Jacket

Men's Premium Blue Puffer Jacket-2

Life up your winter outfits with the Men's Premium Blue Puffer Jacket brought to The Leather Fashion now. Generated with utmost care and comfort in mind, this jacket is specifically aimed at keeping you warm and comfortable even in the harshest conditions.

Crafted with lining and windproof fabric made of 100% polyester, our blue puffer coat provides as much warmth as possible to indulge your body in any kind of outdoor activity or winter commute. Whether you choose premium down or artificial material, know that our jacket turns heat that your body produces, and keeps it inside and this guarantees that you remain warm even in the harshest conditions. What makes our puffer jacket stand out from the others is not only the function it offers but also the classy and contemporary style it has. The dark blue color is a sign of style and is a versatile color to be used in any outfit for special and casual events. The intensive labor and skill perceivably add to its superior design, which marks it as an exceptional piece for your collection.

Feel like you have never before, with our Men's Premium Blue Puffer Jacket that is stylish, comfortable, and warming. Shop now at The Leather Fashion and get prepared for the winter season with the greatest confidence and chicness.


When we talk about winter coats and outerwear, the puffer jacket deserves to lead in the battle for warmth and style. If you are thinking about adding a new puffer jacket to your wardrobe, come to The Leather Fashion and allow us to help you find the perfect one to suit your personal needs and preferences. From our handpicked designs and inspired tips, you'll embrace the chill with the assured knowledge that you are sporting warmth with a fresh fashion sense.

Peruse our collection of puffer jackets now featuring the optimal combination of fashion and functionalism during the cold months of the year. Wrap yourself up, look trendy, and become the embodiment of winter with The Leather Fashion.