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One of the first worldwide online merchants to treat customers with the utmost respect is Leather Fashion. We do, however, take great effort to safeguard all consumer information. Leather Fashion created its privacy policy to answer customer concerns and stop further inquiries.


This privacy statement describes how we obtain information about you, how we safeguard that information, with whom we share it, and how we use it.

Disclosure Of Our Private Information:

Every person who visits our website is important, and every action they do on our platform gives us useful information. All online consumer activity and behavior relating to our Services is tracked and observed by Leather Fashion. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems automatically gather and assess data. Data from this source is used to assess the efficacy of various advertising campaigns, website upgrades, and the overall user experience that we update and execute. We are particularly concerned with your basic personal information, which includes name, age, gender, and contact information.

One of the many things we do not compromise on is quality control, which we place a high priority on throughout our organization. In order to successfully operate the complete leather fashion industry and satisfy every customer, it is imperative that we have this knowledge. Again, you can be confident that we only employ the most recent cyber security measures. No outside entity has ever accessed the private data of our clients!

Reason For Our Use Of Your Personal Information:

Because we said so, Leather Fashion was created to keep our clients entirely exposed.

In order to better our company operations and services, we have created a list of instances in which we reserve the right to obtain and collect personal data. Read on to discover more about how your personal data supports us:

  • Make a purchase.
  • Deliver an order
  • Send messages and alerts
  • Acquire and verify your order
  • Include tracking details
  • Speak with you more skillfully.

Be aware Please let us know when your favorite items, promotions, and exclusive deals become available.

How Does Leather Fashion Protect Your Privacy?

There have been some security precautions done. After registering, you can only enter data on our website.

To facilitate transactions, we use a secure server. Your payment card information and PayPal account information are both encrypted and secure.

Only our most trusted members get access to your information thanks to our effective digital marketing strategy. When the transaction is finished, we make a commitment to remove your credit card information. Your phone number and email address, however, will be kept for analysis.

Your Information Is Accessible To The Following Individuals:

Only our dependable and trustworthy courier service staff will have access to your information for delivery.

Contact details:

If you have any further inquiries, you may email our customer service department directly at info@theleatherfashion.com .