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Other Movies By TLF

Welcome to The Leather FashionOther Movies section. We appreciate your visit. And you made the proper online shopping decision. Fashion and style have long drawn inspiration from movies. Jackets are one of the most widely worn things with a movie theme.  

The jackets depicted in the movies serve as more than just a warm item of clothing; they have inspired countless individuals and served as icons.  

Famous Movies Jackets:

Marlon Brando's leather jacket from the film Wild is one of the most well-known jackets in movie history. Many generations of fans have imitated this garment, which has evolved into a symbol of resistance. The jacket is composed of black leather and features an asymmetric front zip, zip cuffs, and belted waist in the traditional biker style. Rock musicians and movie stars alike have donned the classic jacket over the years.

Tom Cruise's bomber jacket from Top Gun is another legendary movie garment. This traditional bomber-style jacket is constructed of green nylon and has a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband. The jacket has been imitated by numerous generations of fans and has come to represent 1980s style. The jacket is a classic that has become a mainstay in the fashion industry and has been worn by numerous celebrities.

Harrison Ford's jacket from the movie "Indiana Jones" is a classic example of a movie jacket. This brown leather jacket features a traditional design with a belt at the waist and a button up the front. Generations of admirers have imitated the jacket, which has evolved into a representation of adventure. The jacket is a timeless piece that is a mainstay in the fashion industry and has been sported by numerous celebrities.


In conclusion, movie coats have become recognisable and have served as an inspiration for many. These jackets, worn by Marlon Brando in The Savage, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, and others, have come to represent fashion trends.

These classic pieces have been worn by numerous celebrities and have established themselves as mainstays in the fashion industry.