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NBA Starter Detroit Tigers Jacket
NBA Starter New York Knicks Jacket
Starter LSU Tigers Satin Jacket
Starter LSU Tigers Satin Jacket

$ 129.00 $ 179.00

Smoke Rise All Star Varsity Jacket
All Star Crop Varsity Jacket
All Star Crop Varsity Jacket

$ 125.00 $ 299.00

Starter Georgia Bulldogs Red Jacket
Golden State Warriors Silver Jacket
Starter Miami Dolphins Orange Jacket
Golden State Warriors Captain Jacket
Gal Gadot Red Notice Coat
Gal Gadot Red Notice Coat

$ 151.00 $ 241.00

Red Notice Gal Gadot Snake Skin Coat
Han Solo Star Wars Brown Jacket
Han Solo Star Wars Brown Jacket

$ 140.00 $ 250.00

Trending Movies

Trending Movies By TLF 

Welcome to “ The Leather Fashion ” Trending Movies section. We are very happy you came here. And you are in the ideal location to conduct online shopping. Movie jackets are a popular trend that has been around for a while in the fashion world. These jackets provide a chic and distinctive way to express your appreciation for movies by drawing inspiration from famous characters from popular movies. There is a wide variety of movie covers available, including timeless classics and current blockbusters, so there is something for every taste. You may choose the ideal movie cover whether you enjoy action thrillers, sci-fi, or superhero flicks.  

Trending Movies Jackets:

The "Joker" jacket, which was modeled after the recognizable Batman villain, is one of the most well-known movie jackets. This jacket is made of high-quality leather and has a striking green and purple pattern that will grab attention. The jacket is additionally lined with a cozy and supple material, making it ideal for chilly days. The "Deadpool" jacket, which was inspired by Marvel's ethereal superhero, is another well-known movie garment. This jacket is made of a strong, lightweight fabric that is ideal for daily wear.

It makes a terrific conversation starter because it also includes the recognizable Deadpool emblem on the back.

If you enjoy science fiction, you'll adore the Blade Runner jacket, which was created with inspiration from the well-known movie of the same name. Fans of the genre will love this jacket's trendy and beautiful style and high quality faux leather construction. The Star Wars jacket, which was inspired by the legendary series, is another fantastic sci-fi garment. This jacket is offered in a variety of looks, such as the traditional Darth Vader jacket, the chic and fashionable Stormtrooper jacket, and the storied X-wing fighter jacket.

We offer the Indiana Jones jacket, modeled after the great explorer, for those who like a more traditional appearance. This jacket is constructed of premium leather and features a stylish, sturdy style that is ideal for movie lovers. The Terminator jacket, which drew inspiration from the cult film of the same name, is another example of a cinema classic. Fans of the genre will love this dependable faux leather jacket's sleek and fashionable appearance.


In conclusion, movie covers are a wonderful way to exhibit your appreciation for your favorite films and provide a distinctive and fashionable approach to showcase your unique personality. Whether you enjoy sci-fi, action, or vintage films, you'll find the ideal movie jacket here. So make an investment in a movie cover right away if you want to express yourself via your wardrobe!


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